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Let's Recap, Shall We! (Weeks 21-25)

How's Everyone Doing? Y'all Good!

We have discussed quite a bit and I wanted to take a PAUSE on the topics for this Saturday to reflect, repoint, and refocus! Can we do that, please? Okay, good deal!

I Would Love To Hear From You!

What was something that really grasped your attention within the previous Motivational Mondays as well as the Weekly Topic Saturdays?

How did it make you feel, was it thought-provoking, or did it strike up a conversation? What was interesting about these posts?

Week Twenty-One:

In the Motivational Monday #21: Break the Cycle (Keep on Running) Part post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #21: Trials and Tribulations All Have Expirations post we discussed what you should do after you have both met and left someone where they were. We also talked about what trials and tribulations were and why they are important.

  1. With the trials and tribulations that you are facing what do you think that God is preparing you for?

  2. How are you breaking the cycle of pain and hurt? Is it effective?

Week Twenty-Two:

In the Motivational Monday #22: Love Yourself Enough to Put Yourself First post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #22: Self Evaluation 2021 post we discussed what it looked like to make yourself the center of your attention. We also talked about the importance of check-in with ourselves to see how we are doing?

  1. Have you put yourself first lately? What did it look like?

  2. What does your energy balance look like? Are there more negatives or positives?

  3. Have you been able to make S.M.A.R.T. goals? Why or why not?

Week Twenty-Three:

In the Motivational Monday #23: Holy Clap Backs post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #23: Stop Asking God Why and Ask What post we discussed what our responses should be when dealing with the devil. We also talked about what we should be learning from God instead of asking him why he is doing something.

  1. What have you learned from asking God what?

  2. Has the Devil tried your mind? What was your response? Have you used any of these Holy Clap Backs?

  3. Have you strengthened your blow to the Devil by spending time in the Word?

Week Twenty-Four:

In the Motivational Monday #24: Purpose In Pain post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #24: It Is Necessary post, we discussed why we go through the pain and what it is supposed to teach us. We also talked about why it is necessary for us to make mistakes because it helps us to grow.

  1. Have you been able to find purpose in the pain? Why or Why not?

  2. Do you think it is necessary to make mistakes? Why or Why not?

Week Twenty-Five:

In the Motivational Monday #25: Love is A Powerful Word post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #25: Does Your Love Have Limitations post we discussed the biggest for letter word, LOVE. We talked about what love was, and what it meant to have unconditional love.

  1. Is your love conditional or unconditional? Why do you think that?

  2. Are you or have you been in a relationship where the love was one-sided?

  3. Why do you think God puts so much emphasis on the word love?

Join the conversation and tell me what you think?

~Just Breathe... A Golden Dream~


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