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Let's Recap, Shall We! (Weeks 43-46)

How's Everyone Doing? Y'all Good!

We have discussed quite a bit and I wanted to take a PAUSE on the topics for this Saturday to reflect, repoint, and refocus! Can we do that, please? Okay, good deal!

I Would Love To Hear From You!

What was something that really grasped your attention within the previous Motivational Mondays as well as the Weekly Topic Saturdays?

How did it make you feel, was it thought-provoking, or did it strike up a conversation? What was interesting about these posts?

Week Forty-Three:

In the Motivational Monday #43: Mistakes...They Happen post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #43: Let’s Get Personal post we discussed what mistakes were and that the most important thing was what you learned from the mistake. I also shared some personal information with you guys so that you could get to know me better.

  1. What are some mistakes that you have made? What have you learned from them?

  2. Do you allow your mistakes keep you from doing what God has called you to do?

  3. Do we have anything in common?If yes, what?

Week Forty-Four:

In the Motivational Monday #44: Use Your Manual & Find Your Source post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #44: Scripture Memorization post we talked about the importance of reading the bible and looking to God for help. We also talked about the most effective ways to learn and understand scripture.

  1. How often do you read the bible?

  2. Do you turn to God for motivation, inspiration, and energy?

  3. How many scriptures do you know?

  4. What is the best way that you learn?

Week Forty-Five:

In the Motivational Monday #45: Get To Know Yourself post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #45: Self Maintenance post we talked about the importance of getting to know who you are on a deeper level. We also talked about the importance of doing a self-check up.

  1. Do you know who you are? Who are you?

  2. Do you take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually?

  3. Do you have a Self-Maintenance Plan?

Week Forty-Six:

In the Motivational Monday #46: Trust VS. Control post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #46: Smoky Rocky Faith post we talked about the difference between wanting control and having trust in God. We also talked about how much faith we actually have when we are taken out of our element.

  1. Do you truly trust in God? Why or Why not?

  2. Is the faith you have situational? Is your faith only active in certain situations or circumstances?

  3. What is your stance on control? Are you the type of person that has to be the one in control?

Join the conversation and tell me what you think?

~Just Breathe... A Golden Dream~


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