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Let's Recap, Shall We! (Weeks 47-50)

Hey y'all!

How's Everyone Doing? Y'all Good!

We have discussed quite a bit and I wanted to take a PAUSE on the topics for this Saturday to reflect, repoint, and refocus! Can we do that, please? Okay, good deal!

I Would Love To Hear From You!

What was something that really grasped your attention within the previous Motivational Mondays as well as the Weekly Topic Saturdays?

How did it make you feel, was it thought-provoking, or did it strike up a conversation? What was interesting about these posts?

Week Forty-Seven:

In the Motivational Monday #47: Check Your Blindspots post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #47: Spiritual Growth & Endurance post we discussed blindspots and how dangerous they can be for us spiritually. We also talked about checking your endurance level when it comes to God and spirituality.

  1. What are your spiritual blind spots? Do you know how to check them? Why or why not?

  2. What is your endurance level for spirituality? Is it in good standing or is it lacking?

Week Forty-Eight:

In the Motivational Monday #48: Seek His Face post and in the Weekly Topic Saturday #48: Receiving Revelation post, we talked about the importance of seeking and looking for God in all that we do, especially in times of confusion and uncertainty because only He has all the answers. We also discussed how God can use anything and anyone to provide us with a revelation. We have to be open and willing to see it!

  1. How often do you look for God? Do you only seek him during the bad times? Do you seek him all the time?

  2. What do you think it means to seek his face?

  3. Have you recently had any revelations? What was God trying to show you?

  4. Did your revelation surprise you?

Week Forty-Nine:

In the Motivational Monday #49: Help My Unbelief post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #49: Connection Through Prayer post, we talked about the importance of trusting and believing in God and his words. We also talked about opening our line of communication with God through our phone line called prayer.

  1. How often do you connect with God through prayer?

  2. Do you know how to pray effectively?

  3. Do you trust in God when the situations are tough?

  4. How strong is your faith? Your belief? Your worship for God?

Week Fifty:

In the Motivational Monday #50: It Just Takes Time post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #50: My Book Shoutout post we talked about what it means to slow down and take the time to mature on this spiritual journey. I also talked about an inspirational book that I have been reading for the past couple of months.

  1. Are you trying to rush through your spiritual journey?

  2. Have you picked up a copy of Kierra Sheard Kelly’s book Big, Bold, & Beautiful? If yes, what do you think?

Join the conversation and tell me what you think?

~Just Breathe... A Golden Dream~


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