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Let's Recap, Shall We! (Weeks 12-15)

Hello There!

How's Everyone Doing? Y'all Good!

We have discussed quite a bit and I wanted to take a PAUSE on the topics for this Saturday to reflect, repoint, and refocus! Can we do that, please? Okay, good deal!

I Would Love To Hear From You!

What was something that really grasped your attention within the previous Motivational Mondays as well as the Weekly Topic Saturdays?

How did it make you feel, was it thought-provoking, or did it strike up a conversation? What was interesting about these posts?

Week Twelve:

In the Motivational Monday #12: Top 5 BIble Scriptures to Keep Close (Part 2) post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #12: Where Does Your Help Come From post we discussed some powerful and effective bible scriptures to keep near. We also discussed knowing where our help comes from and who we should look to for help.

  1. Were there any bible scriptures that were new to you? If so which one?

  2. Were there any scriptures that you found a new perspective on?

  3. Did you know where your help comes from before reading the Weekly Topic Saturday post?

Week Thirteen:

In the Motivational Monday #13: Temptation Let's Talk About It! post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #13: Side Effects of Sin post we discussed what temptation was and how dangerous it can be to your spiritual life by giving into sin and temptation. We talked about how important it is to know yourself so that you cannot be tempted.

  1. How well do you know yourself? Are you easily tempted?

  2. After reading the side effects of sin has it made you more aware of your sins?

  3. Have you used any of the tools we discussed to resist sin and temptation? If so which ones? Did they work?

Week Fourteen:

In the Motivational Monday #14: Humble Yourself or God Will post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #14: Praise Should be Your Weapon of Choice post we discussed the importance of humbling ourselves before God and listening to his guidance. We also discussed what the appropriate weapon should be when situations are going wrong and the adversary is on the prowl.

  1. Have you ever had a situation where God had to humble you? If so how did it make you feel?

  2. How often do you praise God?

  3. When situations get tough do you use praise as your weapon of choice?

Week Fifteen:

In the Motivational Monday #15: Season of Thanksgiving post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #15: I Still Have Joy in 2020 post we discussed what it meant to be thankful and showing thanks to God. We also discussed the positive side of what 2020 gave us.

  1. What are you thankful for?

  2. Do you have joy in 2020?

  3. What is something good that has happened to you in 2020?

Join the conversation and tell me what you think?

~Just Breathe... A Golden Dream~


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