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Weekly Topic Saturdays #09: Don't Get Stuck in Temporary Situations

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Welcome to Weekly Topic Saturdays!

Hello all, I pray that your week was filled with joy and love. Welcome back to those who have been with me here at A Golden Dream. For my first-timers, a great big hello there, if you haven't already please check out my previous posts when you get a chance.

Please don't hesitate to join the conversation, there are no right or wrong answers or questions. I'm not proclaiming to know everything, I am simply just discussing and picking topics on things that I personally have gone through and that I know would help someone.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

(2 Corinthians 4:18)

**Trigger warning! This blog contains sensitive information and maybe a trigger for some!**

So today's topic is about finding yourself getting stuck in temporary situations, plus how we settle the mind and let God take care of it. How many of you with a show of comments have ever felt stuck? Whether it be stuck in relationships, financial problems, decision making, career change, and so on? Have you ever been stuck?

I can count on my hand a few major situations where I felt stuck, having been so unsure of given situations that I was unable to figure out which path to take, and/or how to choose the decision that had the best outcome.

Temporary vs Eternal


By definition means lasting for only a limited period of time. Not permanent. One thing that I had to constantly remember is that my current situation is temporary. That everything will work out together for my good, I just have to hold on a little longer.

“The suffering won't last forever. It won't be long before this generous God who has great plans for us in Christ - eternal and glorious plans they are! - will have you put together and on your feet for good.”

1 Peter 5:10

Things That Are Temporary:

  • Employment

  • Money

  • Friends

  • Relationship

  • Place of Residency

Here's another major thing that many people seem to forget is temporary; emotions. Today you may be mad or upset about something or someone and then two weeks from now won’t even remember what it was. I can’t stress to you enough that your emotions, your mentality, your attitude, your perspective, your environment, and your thought process can all change so much over time. I will be the first to say that when I was younger I didn’t know God. I grew up in the church but I didn’t know him for myself. So my life and faith were not anchored in anything solid. My life was always anchored in the things of the world. In the people around me, in materialistic items.

With that being said, my emotions were all over the place. I was depressed and hurt all the time. I let anyone love me. I let guilt and fear consume my heart and my mind. There were several moments in my life where my emotions were so negative and thoughts of suicide crossed my mind. At one given time I literally took several pills all at once and went to sleep in hopes that it would all be over, only to wake up hours later. I was looking for a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I'm still here.

Don't fall into this trap. I thank God that he showed mercy on me and was like “Sherronda, get your crap together! I'm giving you yet another chance, get up!!.” I don’t know how your God talks to you but my God talks to me like that. My God says stuff like “Come on NOW Sherronda, You know you wrong, Fix it, or I will and you won’t like how I will fix it” That’s how my God talks to me in my head. lol.

“I wish I could hold my younger self when she was weak and needed help. I wish I could hold that little girl, hold her tears, her fears, her pain...just for a moment. To let my younger self know to keep pushing..because what you're feeling is temporary. It's nothing compared to what God has. Keep going Sherronda”

-Excerpt from my journal December 11th, 2019

-Sherronda Best



By definition means lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning. The one and only thing that's eternal is the Word of God. The bible says, Heaven and Hell may pass away but my words shall not pass away. Mathew 24:35

What You Do In a Temporary Season Could Impact Your Eternal Outcome.

Let me explain. Trying to take my own life would have cost me EVERYTHING, and I would have cut my purpose short and miss out on my eternal reward. Your reward is getting to see God. To hear God say “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little” Matthew 25:23.

Each of us has a purpose. We are given just enough time to fulfill that purpose while on this earth. We must keep in mind what our rewards are and what God has promised for his people. Check out these scriptures:

Special Place for Believers

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."

John 14:1-3

Citizens of The Kingdom

"But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body."

Philippians 3:20-21

We Gain Eternal Life

"Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?"

John 11:25-26

We Gain An Eternal Inheritance

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade—kept in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time."

1 Peter 1:3-5

Believers Receive a Crown

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing."

2 Timothy 4:7-8

These are just some of the rewards and promises that the people of God will receive if we live according to the lifestyle that is pleasing to God.

That Eternal Life is looking Good, Right?


Getting Out of the Sinking Sand

If you know me really well, which as you continue on this journey with me, you will. I'm the type of person that likes to ask a lot of questions until you find an answer. How do you do this? And that? What does that mean? Sooo...

How do we get out of feeling trapped and back motivated?

What worked for me is asking myself, What do you want? Simply. Then I’d write whatever it is down.

1. What Do You Want?

I had to ask myself this same question when I began feeling stuck at the end of a four-year relationship. "Sherronda, What do you want? You deserve happiness?" To my surprise, I was staying in that relationship to make the other person happy and to also not hurt their feelings. Foolish mistake. In the process I felt trapped, stuck, and unhappy, I ended up self-sabotaging my own happiness and joy. So find out, as we discussed in the Weekly Topic Saturday #8: Self Discovery VS Self Awareness, what you want and write it down. Then start scratching off things on your list; always do what makes YOU happy.

2. What Ignites You?

What is it that inspires you? What talents and skills do you enjoy that gets your gears going? I love sewing. Anything fashion related I’m all over it. Fashion Sketching, Collection Development you name it, I can go in! Followed by sewing is this blog. I have enjoyed the support and this Golden Fellowship, no this FAMILY that we have created together. Being obedient to creating content and materials for this blog gives me great joy. So what is it that gets you going? Find that, then take the steps to ignite your passion.

Questions To Consider:

  1. Have you ever felt stuck in a situation and you couldn't seem to shake it off or get out of your rut?

  2. What am I afraid of?

  3. Do I understand why I feel this way?

  4. What are the things that are most important to me?

  5. What are some ways that I can get out of my temporary situation?

  6. Am I holding on to something that I really should be letting go of? Relationships? Things that are out of your control?

With Love, I hope everyone enjoyed this post. This was one post I really wanted to do because I sometimes find myself becoming stuck and I become anxious trying to find my way. I hope this post helped someone and also has probably recognized or made someone mindful of themselves.

Disclaimer: This blog may or may not be a trigger for some, if you are having or have thought of deep loneliness or suicide please contact the number down below. There's always someone to talk to.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.


Help is available

Speak with a counselor today

*Chat-line available or call in*


Hi everyone, really quickly if you haven't already please check out our A Golden Dream Etsy Page for golden goodies, and as well as becoming a Golden Member on Patreon by purchasing one of our tiers or through a custom donation. Thank you so much and I'll see you all on Monday!


~Just Breathe...A Golden Dream~


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2 Kommentare

A Golden Dream
A Golden Dream
18. Nov. 2020

Hey Lady Robinson,

Yes, I am with you there. My life was on autopilot for almost 5 years and I felt as though I was running but not going anywhere. People were passing me by and I was steady running nowhere. I had to take a hard look at myself and it took God showing and telling me, " FORGIVE and then we can talk." Simply as that, I made a list of people and started a journey of self reflection and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a RELEASE!!!

Thank you for commenting!!

Stay Blessed. Stay Golden!

Gefällt mir

Yes , to answer a few of your questions.. I have been stuck plenty of times. One particular time I was asking God why I wasn’t growing spiritually and I was trying so hard and God showed me a person’s face. And I knew what it was.. In forgiveness, and since I felt this person did some awful things and they really did, I didn’t want to forgive. It was like I felt God saying how dare you, you take a look in the mirror. Enough said. It wasn’t easy but I did my part and I felt with the right spirit.

Gefällt mir
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