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Let's Recap, Shall We! (Weeks 4-7)

Hey y'all!

How's Everyone Doing? Y'all Good!

We have discussed quite a bit and I wanted to take a PAUSE on the topics for this Saturday to reflect, repoint, and refocus! Can we do that, please? Okay, good deal!

I would love to hear from you!

What was something that really grasped your attention within the previous Motivational Mondays as well as the Weekly Topic Saturdays?

How did it make you feel, was it thought-provoking, or did it strike up a conversation? What was interesting about these posts?

Week Four:

In the Motivational Monday #4: Attributes of God post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #4: Put God 1st In Everything post we discussed some of the various names that God goes by and what they mean when you use them. We also discussed the importance of putting God first in our lives and how having a spiritual maintenance plan can help.

  1. Have you used any of the attributes of God in your daily life? If so, which ones?

  2. What attributes took you by surprise?

  3. Have you created a spiritual maintenance plan? Has it helped you find spiritual balance?

Week Five:

In the Motivational Monday #5: Give Yourself Credit post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #5: You Are Wonderfully Made post we discussed the importance of giving yourself credit for all that you have accomplished as well as for what you have made it through to get to where you are today. We also discussed that the way God created you was perfect, because it makes you unique, even with the flaws. We learned that God finds strengths in our weaknesses.

  1. What is something that you experienced in the past that you have not given yourself the credit for yet?

  2. What is an accomplishment that you are the proudest of?

  3. What is a flaw that you have that you are grateful that God has given you?

Week Six:

In the Motivational Monday #6: Setting Boundaries to Protect a Good Heart post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #6: Mindfulness: Your Choices Have Consequences (Part 2) post we discussed the importance of setting boundaries to guard your heart. We also discussed how the choices we make have consequences whether they be negative or positive. We must be mindful of the ones we make because they have the ability to affect others.

  1. Do you have a hard time setting and sticking to your boundaries? Why or why not? Do you think that it gets easier over time?

  2. When you make choices do you think about the outcomes or the path each choice will lead to? Do you make choices on impulse?

  3. Have you become more mindful of the choices that you make since reading the post?

Week Seven:

In the Motivational Monday #7: The Story Behind The Name post and the Weekly Topic Saturday #7: Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me post I gave you a little insight into who I am personally. I also gave you a behind the scenes look into the reasoning behind the name A Golden Dream.

  1. Was there anything you learned about me that peaked interest?

  2. Did we have anything in common? If so, what was it?

  3. What do you think about the meaning behind the name?


Join the conversation!

~Just Breathe... A Golden Dream~


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1 Comment

Amore' Bri
Amore' Bri
Oct 08, 2020

Hey Golden Fam,

I am so glad that you do these recaps. I don't know about anyone else but it really does help when I can glance here and get the gist of what we discusses and the questions that you ask really does make me think more.

To answer your questions:

1. Since I have read this post, I will say that I have become increasingly aware of what I have been saying. I have called him my waymaker, or because there have been a few times where I dint think there would be a way and he made one.

2. The attribute that took me by surprise was omniscient. Growing up I knew that the lord was omnipotent…

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