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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Welcome back to The War Series, Dressed To Kill. so glad that you’re here. For the past few posts, we have been touching on the many ways Satan has infiltrated his tactics on God's Kingdom. Showcasing the many schemes that he has been hiding behind in plain sight to those who are not able to see him. Today, we are discussing how Satan’s presence is heavily influenced in the Music Industry as well as in TV, Shows, Movies, and famously known company Logos.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you willing and able to fight for your kingdom. We stand in the gap as we pray and intercede on the behalf of others. We will not fight our war fearful, lacking in knowledge, or power. We instead are powerful, armed, and dangerous in the name of Jesus Christ! For we know where our help comes from; with you Lord, we know that all things are made possible if we believe in you. Lord, we trust you for you know what’s to come. You are the head of your lives and the joy in our souls. Strengthen us and revive those who are tired and weary of this long journey. Give us strength and restore us in your precious name. For this battle is long, but with you, we can endure to the end. Father, we love you and in this, we all say, Amen.

Let’s Get To It!!!

FINISH: Satan’s Infiltrating Tactics

Earlier this week we gained beneficial intel on the FIX element in the F3EA targeting tactic that the military uses to identify and capture their enemy target. We discussed how to lock in on Satan’s location by keeping him under surveillance in his various whereabouts. We discussed how some of those whereabouts were in plain sight while others were hidden in things like New Age Religion, Witchcraft, Familiar Spirits, Baphomet, Fortunetellers, False Doctrine, Church of Satan, and Medians. In today’s post, I will be debriefing you on the FINISH element of the F3EA targeting tactic. As I mentioned in the previous week the FINISH element is where we take action by capturing and/or attacking our target through discovering his infiltration schemes. Let’s lock on to the enemy so that we can be aware of what to look for because the Devil stops at nothing to destroy us, so we will stop at nothing to FINISH him.

Demonic Symbols

One way Satan infiltrates the minds of the masses is through demonic signs, symbols, and subliminal messages. I talked about this in the previous post when I mentioned the Church of Satan and their use of Baphomet as their symbol of choice. The Satanic Temple also uses Baphomet along with other satanic symbols as well. The art of creating something demonic to represent a demonic cause, religion, and/or representation of something holds alot of value in this world.

In 2018, in Little Rock, Arkansas, The Satanic Temple uncovered the Statue of Baphomet and used it as a political stance to over through and remove the Ten Commandments monument at the Arkansas Capitol grounds. This is a true and real event yall, look it up on google. The Temple wanted to use their satanic statue of Baphomet to replace the Ten Commandments that were already mounted on the Capital grounds all because the commandments violated their “constitutional freedom of religion rights”.

Note that the Church of Satan (which we discussed in Tuesday’s post) and the Satanic Temple’s main objective, whether it be individually or politically, is to denounce the Church of God and to blatantly go against the commandments and God’s will. The Church of Satan as well as The Satanic Temple act as mouthpieces for Satan and have been established to steal souls, kill hope, and destroy the faith of as many people as possible in God.

Their mission is to make you believe that God is not real and that there is no higher power but rather that you should live your life as if you are the center of the universe. They do this through the action of grooming you and your kids through the desensitization of witchcraft, demons, and the worship of evil. Desensitization is just one of Satan’s infiltrating tactics.

Baphomet is one among many demonic symbols, idols, and hidden messages that the enemy uses to convey his hidden messages to the mass. Here is a list of associated demonic symbols that have dark meanings behind them.

The Music Industry

Another way that Satan infiltrates the masses is through music. Satan is not a stranger to music, and with music being so universal, what better way to hide in it? The music industry is deeply rooted in demonic signs, symbols, hidden agendas, and messages. Whether it be Heavy Metal, Country, Rock, Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and even Gospel (yea, I said it), it doesn’t matter, the majority of these genres are heavily influenced by Satan or are driven by a misrepresentation for what it truly is. Depending on the artist, music videos, sound beats, and even song lyrics can be influenced to have satanic messages or hidden symbols in them.

Some more popular and mainstream genres that display these satanic imageries can be found in Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B. Artists like JayZ, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Eminem, Nicki Minja and so many other artists that have come forward saying that they worship the devil or are heavily influenced by him through demonic occults or rituals. Because they have a massive following and fan base they can use their platform as a means to spread their hidden agendas and demonic practices.


One thing Satan loves is influencing large bodies of people. In all actuality, the world is obsessed with quantity. The overabundance of money, materialistic things, fame, land, exposure, you name it. Even YouTube has premium benefits like paid advertising and multi-billion dollar endorsement deals if YouTubers have a following of at least 200k on their page.

To be taken seriously and show your consistency, YouTube doesn’t care what you do nor say if you get to that milestone of a fan base.

The same goes for the music industry, the bigger the fan base the heavier the occult agendas that artists have to push out to even stay relevant or to gain access to more fame, money, deals, and projects within their given career.


Backmasking is a recording technique in which a message is recorded backward onto a track that is meant to be played forward. This technique is used heavily in the music industry. This is a deliberate practice and custom in tricking and exposing the listener to spells, chants, and subliminal messages.

Hollywood Celebrities

There are countless interviews where celebrities confess saying they are trying to get out of the grips of Hollywood and expose the world to the inner workings of a secret society. Getting on television and risk their careers, life, family, reputation, and status because they have no choice or are under extreme duress by their occult leaders.

All celebrities no matter what their status is in Hollywood or where they are in their careers are all fair game for Satan’s tactics. Satan glamours and grooms these young celebrities early in their career promising them fame and fortune but at the high price of their souls. He negotiates with them offering them things that will only suffice them temporarily. That’s how he gets you, he makes it so you have to keep coming back to ask for more.

As we talked about earlier this week Satan revels in overindulgence. Within this generation, becoming famous is more attainable than it was in the past. Nowadays you don’t even have to have talent to become famous, all you need now is a cellphone, a camera, and a large following base and with all of these social media platforms like Tok-Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook; Satan is beginning to reach for those that are not founded in Christ, lazy in labor, and lacking in motivation and guidance. It is this generation that he deems more impressionable and easier to mold, trick, and manipulate.

With that being said, other tactics that celebrities are intentionally displaying to the masses are hyper-sexual exploitation within themselves or with others. This could be used as a marketing tactic, or to enhance their brand as a whole. As celebrities, these leaders that hold power and chaos in their hands will and can invite A list, B list stars to Hollywood parties and there expose them and blackmail them into doing the works of witchcraft and demonic idolatry. You may see them smiling and looking like they have it all but inside these celebrates are pawns that the enemy holds captive.

There are other ways Hollywood can get you.t They can force you to embarrass yourself and demand you to do things that contradict your character and what you stand for. It’s literally a game and

Company Logos

Below are some company logos that have demonic and hidden messages behind them. They are symbolic in nature and a lot of people have no idea of the original intent of the brands they use and allow to shape their life with.

Let's start with the famous clothing brand Versace. Gianni Versace decided on his brand logo of the head of Medusa, a Greek mythical creature whose hair is made up of snakes. Medusa was cursed and she would lure men into her cave and upon them looking into her eyes she would turn them into stone. Gianna Versace wanted people to have that same effect on his clothes that when they saw them they would stop and never come back from it.

Monster Drinks have a dark meaning and message behind the brand. This company is not a Christen company but the opposite. The logo promotes Satan with three lines that make up the letter M, but in all actuality, it is three Hebrew letters that mean the number 6. So, the “M” really reads 6-6-6 which is a satanic number in the book of Revelations. There is also explicit pornographic language written on the back of the Monster Can and their slogan is “Unleash the Beast”. Now, what beast are they referring to?

Starbucks is publicly known for its coffee and its endless supply of coffee cups. But you guessed it, the Starbucks logo is hidden behind an evil meaning. The logo itself is a topless dual-sided tail Siren/Mermaid. Its hair is covering the chest of the figure. A siren is a Greek methodology creature that lures men and children with the sound of their song and kills or eats them. This island can be directly related to the Statue of Baphomet or the sigil of Baphomet, which is the demonic symbol for devil worshipers as we have earlier discussed this week.

Let’s move on to Disney, now their logo is very clever because they played around them the font to hide satanic numbers in there. If you look on at the letter W, the dot over the I, and the letter p, you will find three 6’s. If you look even longer you will find more 6’s within the logo like the Letter D in Disney and the letter T at the end of Walt. This all goes back to Satan and his schemes. It is also known that throughout all of the Disney movies there are satanic subliminal messages in plain sight and others hidden. But because they target children, they are unaware of it but they are still subjected to it subconsciously.

Also, here is are some other honorable mentions, the Google Chrome Icon, Time Warner Cable, and CBS all are logos that display the All-Seeing Eye. Google Chrome is unique because it represents two things, one being, the All- Seeing- Eye as well as the Satanic 666. You can see the three 6’s if you look at the Red, Green, and Yellow shape of it all connecting to the center blue eye.

It’s no coincidence that Time Warner Cable and CBS are both networking channels that people can watch shows on. Both of them are eyes and lead us back to the demonic sigils of Satan.

Hidden Agendas

It is outstanding the lengths people are willing to go to be famous and gain wealth. They will so much as sell their souls to the devil in order to advance in their careers. This too is happening every day with new artists, actors, actresses, musicians, comedians, spokespersons, you name it, if they're hungry enough and are trying to make it to the big leagues, they will soon fall in line to worship Satan.

There are celebrities that are sacrificing their loved ones for advancement in their careers. You may see a celebrity that is semi-popular and all of a sudden will have something tragic happen to a loved one, most often it’s their death, right before they blow up in fame. These sacrifices will give them tons of movie deals, paid advertisements, multimillion-dollar endorsements, and so on. These sacrifices could be anyone that they are close to like a mother, father, sibling, best friend, or even their child. As I mentioned earlier it is becoming less and less about talent and more about what you are willing to give up for the level of fame you so seek.

This is why it’s so important to monitor what you see, hear, speak about, and do because you never know what someone’s true intentions are when they do things. People are so impressionable these days, now more than ever because people are not deeply rooted in their faith, but in themselves.

Hollywood Movies & TV Shows

Many celebrities are reaching out to active practicing witches to boost their fame and fortune. So many employ these witches to cast spells, curses, hexes, or even cause the death of competition. These witches are on movie sets casting spells over the scripts and chanting incantations through the television to cause chaos, mayhem, and destruction in your life. Witchcraft in Hollywood is everywhere with many celebrities employing witches to do blood sacrifices on young children to retain their youth. It is not just in television but in music as well, spells and incantations are being spoken through music to invoke certain emotions like rage, mind control, anger, fear, impatience, spitefulness, and so on. All these things go directly against the will and commandments of God.

Another thing that Satan is doing is desensitizing the masses with perversion in thinking that fornicating with multiple individuals is a necessity in order to be and act grown. Encouraging viewers to see storylines that encourage the overindulgence in drinking and drugs as the normal response to dealing or coping with trauma.

A new trend in TV shows has Kids thinking that it is okay to be disrespectful or that talking back is deemed okay towards parents and elders. Since when was being sassy, sarcastic, and quick-witted cool? These children's TV shows on Disney, Freeform, and other platforms are now teaching the younger generations that it’s okay to behave in this manner. Most parents are unaware of the complexities that are now being enforced in areas that they shouldn’t be. Parents need to be aware that if they are not monitoring what their child is viewing then they are essentially allowing television to both raise and parent their child. Children are at their most impressionable when they are young. So watching television shows that encourage homosexuality, childhood transgenderness, disrespectful behavior, mediums, and other stuff is creating further distance from God.

We have to wake up people, we have to take our families, our lives, and our faith back from the grips and hands of Satan. Satan shouldn’t be teaching you and inspiring your family in fleshly desires. We must fight and reclaim that God has dominion and power over our households and stop allowing Satan to easily infiltrate God’s Kingdom and His people. AMEN!

Golden Words of Wisdom:

  • We must know the Devil's infiltrating tactics. We must know the ways he influences not only us but our children, and families and combat those attacks using the Word of God.

  • Because people are so distracted and so distant from God; they are unaware or unable to recognize the truth anymore so it is easy for them to get pulled into the world's culture and customs.

  • If we are constantly in the Word, we should know what is true from the things that are not true in the world. The Bible is for reproof and correction and we need to constantly correct our actions, and live in accordance with God’s Word.


Questions To Consider: Ask yourself these questions and try to answer them to the best of your ability.

1. Am I watching things that God finds unholy? Other than pure entertainment, what does this satisfy? Do the things that I watch hurt or heal me spiritually?

2. In some ways have I fallen into other practices that are not what God called me to practice?

3. Do I practice these newfound costumes based on the world or based on God’s Word?

4. Can I see the Devil's influences in my life or on my family?


Stay tuned for the next blog post!!!

WEEK 8:[THE WAR SERIES, DRESSED TO KILL]: A Breach in the Kingdom [Part 4]


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