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THE WAR SERIES: Dressed To Kill

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Welcome to our 2nd Golden Series.


In this series, viewers will learn the concept of what spiritual warfare is. To help the viewers visualize what spiritual warfare is I will be using an analogy of what it would look like if we choose to enlist in God's army as we would do in the United States Military.

Here, we will gather intel on how the Roman Empire established war tactics, and battle formations, as well as their training and recruitment regime, all while learning some additional background history.

Using this acquired knowledge, viewers will be able to see that the skills and tactics that the Romans adapted are closely mimicked by the U.S military today.

Just as enemy nations use tactics to infiltrate the United States system, so does our adversary. It's important to understand who he is, his mode of operations, his strategies, and his end mission in order to defeat him in spiritual combat. Viewers will receive an in-depth birds-eye-view of how to put on and properly use the full armor of God.



What’s All Included:

  • Table of Contents: All of the topics for discussion.

  • Questions To Consider: These will follow after each post to engage the reader in some self-reflection.

  • Weekly "The War Series" Worksheets: for additional intel and comprehension.

  • Recaps: to sum up the discussed topics.

  • Custom Bonus Content: that would be embedded into some posts throughout the series. This could include customized merchandise or even sound bytes of me talking about additional information and custom infographics that are throughout each post.

Stay Tuned at 9:00 am tomorrow for the release of the 1st blog post of the War Series: Dressed To Kill


Amore' Bri
Amore' Bri
Jun 20, 2022

Hey Golden Fam,

Oh snap, I can't wait. We about to make the Devil outraged with this series.

A Golden Dream
A Golden Dream
Jun 24, 2022
Replying to

Yes, I'm so excited to start this series, it's been a long time coming!!! 🪖🛡

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