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RECAP: [The Deadly Series]: Weeks 1-7

Hey Golden Family,

Join me and my special guest, Brianna Jones in discussing what we thought about The Deadly Series as a whole and what problems we faced with not possessing these deadly sins. We have wrapped up this series but I still wanted to end it with a recap of what we have previously discussed within the series.

Fill free, at any time, go back to each week to catch up, and also don't forget to leave a comment about what you thought, and any questions you have in the comment section below. Be sure to check out our new youtube channel, click the button below!

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[The Deadly Series Workbook]: Weeks 1-7


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Week 1:[The Deadly Series]: Pride VS. Humility Worksheets

Week 2:[The Deadly Series]: Greed VS. Asceticism Worksheets

Week 3:[The Deadly Series]: Lust VS. Purity Worksheets

Week 4:[The Deadly Series]: Envy VS. Thankfulness Worksheets

Week 5:[The Deadly Series]: Gluttony VS. Moderation Worksheets

Week 6:[The Deadly Series]: Wrath VS. Patience Worksheets

Week 7: [The Deadly Series]: Sloth VS. Diligence Worksheets

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Amore' Bri
Amore' Bri
Nov 22, 2021

This was so much fun to do thank you for inviting me.

A Golden Dream
A Golden Dream
Nov 22, 2021
Replying to

Absolutely, anytime! I really enjoyed myself! Thank you so much!!!!

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