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If you find it hard to make time for God, this book might be useful.  


this 21-day workbook helps you to check in with God first thing in the morning and also in the evening before bedtime. Intentionally making time for God is essential in your Christian walk with him


The 21-Day Check-in and Check-out Workbook is the perfect tool for anyone looking to increase their time with God over the next 21 days. This workbook can easily be part of any daily devotional as you see fit. This interactive workbook provides daily prompts and reflection exercises with a built-in bible study section at your leisure.  This workbook is solely designed to help users check in with God by establishing morning and evening prayers, picking scriptures to meditate on, and asking to cast whatever cares they have that is weighing their hearts down. This powerful workbook will keep you accountable with the tracking system that is one each day. 


Meet God half way and try this workbook out for yourself!



21 Day Check- in and Check- Out Workbook [Digital]

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