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8 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas!

Hey Golden Family, we are quickly approaching the Christmas holiday season and I wanted to do a light-hearted and fun series to help wrap up the year. Over the course of this week and the next, we will be jumping into a brand new series. This is a Mini Christmas Series where we will be discussing 8 Ways to put CHRIST back in Christmas.

We have become so wrapped up in spending money and giving lavish and extravagant gifts that we have left God out of the mix. We have forgotten that without him, nothing would be possible. We should take some time this Christmas holiday to remember what Christmas is all about. Spend some quality time with the one who made it all possible.

So come along with me over the course of the next two weeks, let's fellowship together, and include CHRIST a little more. This series will be a little different as it will be a video series where I will be posting content on A Golden Dream's brand new Youtube channel. Don't worry the content will still be available on the website as well. So check it out, share the video link, subscribe to the Youtube channel, like, comment, and share. Let's spread the good news out to everyone.


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